Frequently asked questions
To increase productivity and profitability, redirecting knowledge, talent and resources to those areas that form part of the core business, leaving ExPro Outsourcing to manage accessory functions.
The activity or function that is outsourced must be secondary, that is, it must not form part of the company’s core activity. Although outsourced processes can cover the majority of the corporate areas.
Yes, any company can resort to outsourcing as the most effective way of improving their productivity, outsourcing secondary functions.
The management power and responsibility for the service and for the people assigned to it are assumed by ExPro Outsourcing.
Not necessarily. Although the management power is ours, we will develop the service in agreement with the customer’s procedures and culture, and the latter can remain in constant contact with us through the service supervisor to set the guidelines and procedures together. In addition, both the customer company and we ourselves can propose changes and improvements that are considered necessary in order to increase the productivity of the processes affected by the outsourcing.
Yes, we can maintain the personnel that was already carrying out the outsourced process, integrating them into the staff.
We cover the absenteeism of our personnel, regardless of the cause.
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